Seven Common Fears in Recovery and Why Sobriety Is Still Worth It Promises Behavioral Health

The ones that might are your drinking and drug buddies. Their own addictions may prevent them from being excited about your change of lifestyle. Those aren’t the friends you need to be spending time with fear of being sober right now. However, your choice to get clean may one day be a part of their decision to do the same. I remember when I first got sober, I was concerned about giving up drugs and alcohol forever.

However, you may not realize that the more you drink, the more stressful things become. Life goes on as before, just as stressful and just as hectic. But when you are in treatment, you learn how to deal with stress so that it does not build up and immobilize you. New coping skills and behavior modifications will enable you to tackle whatever life throws your way.

What Is Sobriety?

Withdrawal symptoms can be uncomfortable, but they are not always dangerous. With the help of a medical professional, you can safely detox from drugs and alcohol without worrying about withdrawal symptoms. And when I got sober, I started–the plates of the earth shifted, and I started thinking much, much more about the condition of my soul and my spirit and my heart and my being. And at the same time, this side of the grave, I’m going to care. I’m going to at least four more festivals this year.

In fact, 40 to 60 percent of individuals who have received treatment for substance abuse relapse sometime in their lives. Instead of dwelling on their failure, those people got back up, dusted themselves off, and tried again. One major fear in recovery is the fear of actually being sober. Without the crutch of drugs and alcohol, you actually need to face your issues and problems head on. While it may be tempting to escape through the use of substances, sobriety is an excellent time to find ways to overcome obstacles through healthy coping skills and problem solving. What’s going to happen when you step out of the residential rehab center and into life again?

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You make it up to everyone you ever hurt by never being that person again. Besides, your current idea of fun usually involves holding your hair while you throw up discounted tacos and cheap margaritas. Here’s the thing about the word “fail.” So long as you dust yourself off and keep trying, you haven’t failed at all. People go into these big personal transformations expecting a linear progression from start to goal.

fear of being sober

During that time, near the end of my drinking days, my anxiety was heightened by booze, and I was consumed by guilt. At The Ranch at Dove Tree, a key component of our process is to give you the tools you need to move forward. That includes talking about these fears, learning to understand what sobriety will mean to you, and facing what’s underneath it all. Take the time to work with us over the next few weeks. The Ranch at Dove Tree offers the resources you need no matter what your current fears and concerns are. You’re ready to take that step towards recovery.

Sobriety Fear #8: People won’t like the sober you.

Fear is a powerful emotion that can significantly affect your life–but you can learn to overcome it if you stop and take a deeper look. If you are new to recovery, it is a big, bold, brave new world. You may feel like you are ready to hit the ground running in creating a new life for yourself.

You know, I heard a rabbi say once–a woman asked, “Will everyone I love be in heaven?” even though I know heaven is not a big thing in the Jewish tradition. But a woman asked him, and he said, “No, but the thing is that you’ll love everybody who’s in heaven.” And so I just see heaven as this beautiful place where you love everyone. And I often notice that I’m in too deep a hole to get myself out of, and I just say that to God, “I’m in too deep a hole. Help,” the first great prayer.

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